Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Ethereal Beauty

Most people would say roses are their favorite flower. Why? Because they are pretty. But that's not why I like roses. I like them for their strength - they thrive in the sandy desert soil. They protect themselves with their thorns. Yet they are delicate on the inside - they need the right amount of water and sunshine to grow strong.
Every spring, my hard work of mulching, trimming, watering, and feeding is rewarded by that first bud. The first bud that will bloom into a beautiful rose. But they are fickle. They tease you with the first rose then go dull for weeks. I hope and check every day for new buds, peeking through my bedroom window. Finally, the day comes when they all show up, silky petals stretching towards the sun and loving me for my care. And they only get better with age.

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