Thursday, July 12, 2007

Summer means no gardening (outside at least)

I'll spare you the picture of the dry yard and dormant plants! Not much is happening outside these days, with temperatures in the 110's. It's a chore just to run an errand! You have to shower when you get back home :)

Instead of working outside, I have been working inside, inside myself that is. Time for some self-improvement, or rather, God-improvement (since He does all the work!) Summer is a great time for reading, which I have been doing a lot of lately, and I am learning more about Christ and myself in the process.

This summer I will turn 26 years old. Time to be an adult! One of my goals = spiritual maturity. It is a goal not ever accomplished but I can certainly move up the scale and become closer to Christ in the process.

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Erika said...

Hi Margo! I was so pleased to get your e-mail and learn that you too are blogging! Great post... don't we all need to do some "inside work"! I'd be curious to know what you've been reading lately!