Monday, April 14, 2008

Over Effect?

The last few days I have been perusing some photo blogs (one of my faves: Kellie Kano). I have noticed that a lot of photographers always edit/crop/add effect to their photos. I personally think that a good photographer will take the time to set up a shot correctly, adjusting their exposure, brightness, and focus before snapping the photo. This can result in the perfect photo that doesn't need to be retouched. It seems, with the introduction of Adobe Photoshop and similar programs, that there is an 'effect revolution' of sorts going on. I do prefer the 'unadulterated' shots, if you will. The evidence can be found on Flickr, anytime you browse through the photos.

But, there are a few effects that I do like. One cool effect is saturation: as seen here. And of course my own first attempt at an effect: focal b&w.

Do you like to add effects or retouch your photos? What are your thoughts on this new style of photography?

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