Monday, December 3, 2007

Sleigh Bells are Ringing!

A few of my favorite Christmas things!
  • Christmas socks
  • Nala's reindeer antlers
  • Starbuck's peppermint mochas
  • Christmas trees
  • Big red bows
  • Warm sweaters
  • Warm blankets
  • Scarves
  • Mittens
  • Christmas candles
  • Stocking stuffers
  • Christmas songs
  • Giving generously
What are your favorite Christmas things?


J&H Noble said...

Hi Margo!
I love Nala's antlers too- cute!

My favorite Christmas things are sleigh bells, snow, white Christmas lights, and cold weather. Wish we had some!

Happy December!

Margo said...

I know, I wish we had some snow and cold weather! It was 80 degrees yesterday. Just wrong!

J&H Noble said...

Nala is a hoot. She could pull Santa's sleigh by herself. My favorite Christmas things are house lights, real Christmas trees, critizing other people choice of Christmas lighting and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation!


Terylee said...

You are welcome to come play in our snow any time you like, we have over a foot and more to come.

My favorite Christmas things are carols, Christmas pageants, bell ringers, reindeer blend coffee, family and friends, fireplaces, and pumpkin bread.

Happy Holidays!